LIN Ching-Ru, Artistic Consultant
Lin Ching-Ru is one of the most active costume designers on Taiwan’s theater scene. For over twenty years, Lin has been working internationally with renowned groups in nearly one hundred projects. She pursued advanced trainings at Tokyo University of the Arts in Japan, and continued her career in theater costume design upon her return to Taiwan. In 1992, Lin was awarded Fulbright scholarship and stayed in New York City for a year, where she worked with New York City Ballet as well as with New York City Opera in the costume department of NYCO’s fiftieth anniversary performance project. In the recent years, Lin has been committed to training staffs and technician for Taiwan’s theater. She received the National Award for Arts by Taiwan’s National Culture and Arts Foundation in 2006 for her achievement in costume design in theater.
CHENG Chia-yin, Director
Cheng Chia-yin joined Taiwan’s theater in 1989 when she signed up Lan Ling Theatre Workshop for actor training. She graduated from the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures at National Taiwan University in 1992, and obtained an MFA in Marionette at University of Connecticut in the United States of America in 1999. Upon her return to Taiwan, Cheng formed the Puppet and Its Double Theater and has since served as the head of the group. Her directorial works “I Am Another Yourself” (2002) , “Spiderina” (2003) and “Der Schönste Moment”(2009) were finalists for the Taishin Arts Award in the category of Performing Arts. Cheng’s prolific working experiences include collaborations with Ballard Museum of Puppetry, productions and performances at O’Neill Puppetry Conference, and various international workshops and festivals. She has also worked with French director Philippe Genty, American shadow theater specialist Larry Reed, German string puppeteer Albrecht Roser, and American experimental puppetry director Eric Bass. Cheng and the Puppet and Its Double have made numerous tours abroad, and their performances make the stages in the United States, France, Belgium, Hungary, Netherland, India, Singapore, and Korea.
TSENG Li-chen, Manager
Tseng has been acting on stage since 1992, including more than twenty productions and seven hundred performances nationally and internationally. She used to serve as instructor of theater performance as well as manager at the art camp at Wisdom Chinese Language School in San Francisco. In 2001, Tseng participated in the production and performance of APAture’s project regarding Asian Pacific American artists. She frequents international puppetry workshops and has trained with German string puppeteer Albrecht Roser and American shadow theater specialist Larry Reed. Tseng now serves as the major producer for the Puppet and Its Double as well as the lecturer for the group. She is specialized in project design and puppetry workshop design. She has also hosted performance tour for the group, collaboration with other theater groups, and large-scale event like international puppetry festivals.

HUNG Jui-hsia, Performer
Hung graduates from the Department of Dance at Taipei National University of the Arts. Her past projects include collaborations with Shiny Shoes Children’s Theater, Ifkids Theater Company, and Big Fish Children’s Theatre. After watching the performance of “Little Little Kid” by the Puppet and Its Double, puppet theater inspired and open Hung’s eyes. She came to believe that puppetry can be poetic, sensitive, and touching. She participated in the performance of “The Firebird” of the Puppet & Its Double in 2006 and has since developed a new perspective of puppetry. Hung has been actively involved in the understanding of puppet arts. In 2006 and 2007, she served as the contract actor exclusively with the Puppet and Its Double, touring with the group to places like Belgium, the United States, Netherland, and France. In 2008 Hung joined the Puppet and Its Double officially as actor and performance manager. She has also recently come to demonstrate skills and capability of puppet building.


LIU Yu-jane, Performer
Liu graduates from the Department of Theatre at Taipei National University of the Arts. Of the five years in college, Liu was deeply involved in various theater projects in and outside of campus. Upon graduation she further explored the possibilities of performance and took part in diverse theater groups. Her earlier performances are seen in works by Godot Theatre Company, Spring Sun Performing Arts Troupe, Ifkids Theater Company, Stalker Theatre Group, and Song Song Song Children’s & Puppet Theatre. Liu began to involve in the Puppet and Its Double in 2006 with training and rehearsals; she also toured with the group to Belgium, the United States, and France and performed on stage. In 2007 she played in “Portrait of Dora” as actor and puppeteer at the same time, challenging and displaying the difficulties in performance and puppetry techniques. In 2008, the Puppet and Its Double was privileged to have Liu officially on board as actor and creative assistant, participating in performance, directing assistantship, and puppet design and production.


CHIU Mi-Chen, Performer
Chiu graduates from the Department of Theatre Arts at Chinese Culture University. She has performed at Paperwindmill Theatre and Shiny Shoes Children’s Theater. Chiu began in touch with modern puppetry when she played in “Monkey King at Spider Cave” in 2006 and has since been interested in the puppet theater. She frequented puppetry training with the Puppet and Its Double, participated in many of our plays, and toured with us to Netherland and France. In 2008, Chiu delivered an outstanding performance in the play “The Happy Prince” by switching rapidly between puppet characters, for which the Puppet and Its Double invited her as our official actor in the next year. Besides acting, Chiu also develops interests in the instruction of theater acting. She currently serves the head of the instruction and promotion section at the Puppet and Its Double, devoting herself in the study and development of creative puppetry training. Chiu is enthusiastic in exploring the multiple dimensions of puppetry.


CHOW Ling-Chih, Project Coordinator
Chow graduates from the Department of Theatre at Taipei National University of the Arts. She also earns a Bachelor of the Arts at (the University of Paris 1 Pantheon-Sorbonne) l’Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne and a Master of Theater Arts at (the University of Rennes 2 – Upper Brittany) l’Université Rennes 2 Haute Bretagne. Her earlier work experiences include collaborations with Philharmonic Radio Taipei, Science Theatre for Children at the National Museum of Taiwan History, Spring Sun Performing Arts Troupe, and the Council for Cultural Affairs, Guling Street Avant-garde Theatre, and TVbean. During her stay in France, Chow also served as interpreter for Le Triangle in Rennes as well as the administrative manager for the Puppet and Its Double at the OFF festival in Avignon in 2009. Upon her return from France in 2009, Chow has involved in project design and execution with the Puppet and Its Double. She is primarily in charge of tasks such as international communication, the writings of the puppetry aesthetics column on our e-paper, and the study group Les enfents de Pinocchio.



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